Customer Reviews

Kelsey B- “We were visiting my parents up in Angel’s camp and wanted to check our this place. My parents had driven by a few weeks back and saw a sign advertising their grand opening. It’s easy to get started (Venmo, PayPal, and cash app), and there’s plenty to do and look at. Each mini golf hole (9 total) has a different kind of challenge, along with “spin the wheel” bonus challenges and a search and find poster to use throughout the course.
Our family and my sisters’ were plenty entertained (ages ranging from 5 to 65, so quite a few personalities in there haha). I even got some pictures in this time (and if you’ve seen my reviews before, you know that doesn’t happen often)!
We’ll be back for some family fun for sure.

Tessa Bunge- “Murphys mini golf is really fun, there are even extra little games to play among the main 9 holes. Easy to pay with Venmo, or cash. The grounds are beautiful and we had a great time.”

Nathalee Ghafouri-  “Such a clever way to add some family fun to the area! A mini golf course with plenty of Gold Country twists is a much better use of space than a parking lot. Fun for the whole family.”

Dionysus- “Wow… just wow… so creative & finally something more for the family to enjoy together & unplug. Mystery game spinners are awesome. Tons of hidden historical & fun artifacts & animals hidden. Looks like its going to be an amazing garden with water features too. Truly unique & I love that the are giving back. Pray they do great & that everyone is honest & respects & takes care of what they built for us… for everyone to enjoy.”

StacyTaco Spot- “This is definitely an exciting to do, must see! Greatly embrace all the whimsical fun items throughout trees, take pictures from wood creations made by hand to make fun lasting memories and all over this mini get away of amazing incredible artistic, creative items to escape into your own lil world! Some great ideas that have all come together with the hard work of the the owners and the community it has become quit a attraction! From kid’s fun day with loved one’s, birthday parties, bachelor and Bachelorette parties, picnic day, shopping at center, such as; thrift store, music & dance lessons, get your hair done and banking… then go get a game of gulf in! This location is central located that if your going anywhere up the hill or simply having to pick up something in Murphy’s, it’s that easy to just stop by, it can be a last minute thought with last minute guests. On your way to Brice Station Vineyards Summer concert and want to play quick game, stop by Murphy’s Mini Gulf Course! The owners are outstanding, hardworking, fun, adventurous, creative, family and community loving friendly people, who embrace everyone tourists, travelers, motorcyclists, our locals are our loved ones to and enjoy what they have created for all of us to not only play gulf, but to enjoy the venue they’ve put into place for us to feel like were in a wonderful wonderland in Lil Murphys. It’s much appreciated, admired and their handwork and all the collections of collectibles are everywhere, so you really find yourself finding details throughout. If your here on a mini stay, day out, by yourself, or any size group or fun size party of either planned or last minute this is just the coolest, all age, all kind of party fun and size must go to in Calaveras County! Locals you all will love our newest attraction in our community for is, all the lil treasures of historic things and fun items… however rumor has it Stacy’s Taco Spot grillin soon, when available and Ice Cream vendor possible soon too! Locals thank your the best to make small businesses in our community possible! Thank you always for generous support! Everyone please go visit this incredibly, relaxing venue and enjoy yourself in Murphys, Calaveras County !”